I’ve updated this blog to create all URL paths as relative. Jekyll provides a mechanism called relative_url to create links which are relative to the current host (ie, without the hostname) but they still build links with absolute paths (ie, beginning with ‘/’). My modifications make all the paths relative as well.

The reason to do this is so the site will work not only at the canonical base URL at bwallberg.neocities.org, but also when served using one of the many IPFS resolution services. For example, see the first blog update I made after the update to relative paths using the gateway at ipfs.io.

Thank you to Rico Sta. Cruz for the code which I have tweaked, see _includes/base.html

Update 2020-03-19: I didn’t realize that Neocities has already provided support for IPFS DNS so you can find the latest version of this blog at /ipns/bwallberg.neocities.org/. You can see the latest CID with dig TXT bwallberg.neocities.org.

Update 2020-08-29: Corrected link to bwallberg.neocities.org